How to take a screenshot on a PC or Laptop any Windows

okay so you’re on your Windows PC and you want to take a screenshot of the screen or you want to take a picture could be of your browser or just something you’re working on off the screen maybe you’re creating content or whatever well it’s really easy all you got to do let’s say I want to capture the screen I want to save it as a JPEG all you have to do is hit control your control button

I’ll have your keypad and it your your print this button over here the Print Screen button so press control now Press print screen at the same time so that’s like a snapshot of your screen so it pretty much did like a control C so there you go to the bottom left and under programs all you type is in ms paint and the program that comes default with every every windows so now we open ms paint and we’re here on ms paint program

We just opened up and what we’re going to do is press control B so control paste so control now B boom and it just pasted that’s great onto ms paint once you’ve pasted it your picture your screen capture into a mistake then again now you can come up here top left corner click on that and now you can save it as PNG file a JPEG BMP thinks of it as a GIF or whatever format and also don’t forget that you can let’s say all you need is one a capture is this jellyfish video right here then you can just crop it come up here and crop it alright well thanks and good luck

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